Tuesday, January 21, 2014

True Friend

I find it more and more difficult to find a true friends nowadays. Always bumped into into a con man or friends which have a different agenda. But still true friends like we met while we were at school, college and university are hard to get nowadays. Those friends were the friends we gone through joy and hard ships together where we really know their hearts inside out.. so pure but now it totally the opposite.

I wanted to share you my two recently encounter. The first was a guy who added my on the facebook claiming that he had won a 148 million pound lottery and wanted to give away 1.5 million pound away as good will. I was thrilled and excited and follow the detail instructions, hoping that this may be my dream comes true and was also touch there are still genuine people who have a kind hearts to give away their money of charity and the sort. But... I did a google check on the name of the people and found that it was a scam, please check  Gillian and Adrain Bayford. How could people be so cruel, lie and cheat others. I am so sick of it. I immediately unfriend the guy and also upload all those report on the scam on his facebook wall and within a few hours it was removed. I reaffirmed myself that there is no easy way to get rich and be a millionaire... and obviously that is not the way. 

I thought I could put my mind to rest with the sickening act until a few days ago, someone added me on my skype. Although I have declined hundreds of those requests as my main purpose of creating the skype account was to be in touch with my family. However by having a friends who is genuine looking for friendship and sharing experience are most welcome. so I get to know this Captain who are currently working in Afghanistan serving for US army. The chat was genuine at first, exchanging experiences and I thought it must be hard for him being deployed in the desert of Afghan fighting the Taliban, although I was not agree with the idea of him being there. However, we are just an instrument of our nation in meeting their agenda. Since this was the first time me knowing him, I was very careful on what I said. So the conversation went on until he mentioned that he would like to invest in Saudi and wanted to know more about the market in Saudi. Suddenly a flag raised in my mind, how could an army Captain have so much money to invest. The US government must be paying a lot for their soldiers abroad but in my same mind, he could probably inherited the money form his family. So I did a background check on him on google and found that the person exist and that gave me some comfort to continue further.

So since he was very much interested with the investment in Saudi. I explained to him on the current opportunities that we have in the Kingdom and asked him on how much he would like to invest. He was mentioning US 15 million and that is a lot of money if it were to be converted in Saudi Riyal. As he sounded serious on the opportunities, I told him why don't we talk over the skype call so that I can better explain to him. When we converse, his picture and his voice doesn't match. A white American from Washington sounds like a black African from Africa by the accent. He thinks he can fooled me? I can even recognise the different accents in the UK even more if it is of different countries such as Europe, American, Australian etc. 

So guys I just telling becareful in getting to know people in the cyber space and don't reveal your true identity. 

My piece of advise, do cherish the True Friends that you have while you can and be extra careful in getting to know new people in the cyber space. There are to many con men out there....

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