Saturday, June 18, 2011

Post Happy Father's Day Dari Anakanda Tercinta NurBalqis...

happy father's dad 2 all dad in d world :)

ngee :D happy3.. haha.. hey, 1stly, happy father's dad 2 my lovely dad..the most amazing, awesome and happening dad in d world~ my dad really sporting~ :D he will do anything 4 his daughters..
(ah suda.. tah betul ke tidak grammar nieyh)
i remember my sweet memories with daddy.. ustaz pena cakap, ayah niey, awak nampak macam ta berjasa kan? tapi sebenarnya diale orang yang pergi kerja , susah payah na dapatkan duit untuk kita..uhukss ,, *blushblush haha~ poyo seyh nur balqis mohamad niey.. ish3:)

uhh sekarang i na belaja science lak ea..
aim: to show my love to my lovely dad..
observation: everybody love their own father.. isnt ? yes ofcourse :D
conclusion: Nur Balqis Mohamad <3 Mohamad A.Jamal..

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