Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Dream Came True- Sri Kebaya

Yesterday was the day where we managed to make someone dream a reality. During my interview with the owner of Sri Kebaya, Miss Sunyta Ali about a year ago on her plans in improving the sales at the shop and also to promote Malaysia food in this region; she voiced out her problems and struggles she had gone through eversince the shop was in operation way back in January 2008. She didn't get much backing from anyone else and on top of that ,there were also some critisism that the food are too pricy. She mentioned that she had no choice on the pricing since most of the ingredients are imported from Malaysia. I can understand her arguement because a vegetable like morning glory or 'kangkong' only cost a few ringgit in Malaysia, costs more than QR 10 here in Doha.

The idea about the Food and Fashion Galore mooted about 2 weeks ago when she told us that she would like to invite us for a food tasting and photography session for her new ranges of menu after being in business for more than 2 years on the same menu. It was during that occasion we asked her, if that was the only thing she wanted to do and she answered "Yes". I suggested that why don't we create an event to it and that was when the idea of Project Runway came into being. Just to have fun among our friends here. Having seen the miracle and the excitement we had during the Project Runway.... she called us up the next day and say... W"hy don't we do a Food and Fashion Show?". Dwan and me said "Yes, It is a great idea and let's do it.." However, initially, she received some comments about her idea and her morale was very low. We assured her we will stand by her to make it a success. We told her, "go and catch your dream no matter what it takes". "No matter what people says". Coz it doesn't cost a things for them to say negative things that could make we sad but if we look at it on the positive side, we could try to improve our weakness based on people's comments.... She went to Baladia that morninng, the authority resposible for hosting such events and they had no objections. That was when it all began. We started to see some lights to this project of hers. With the aid three managers, Me, Dwan and Sunyta we knew we could do it and make it happen.

Since this is our first time of doing it, we had to learn as we go along. First of all we had to advertise for a freelance models in Qatar Living A few came and we interviewed each and everyone. To be honest there are some good individual who has the talent of being a model but perhaps they don't have the opportunity. With that, it simplifies our task especially in getting everything done in a week. We felt they are meant for us. We had daily rehearsal in the evening. Dwan showed them the way to walk and pose while I do the usual things i.e. taking pictures.

The whole event was orchestrated by Dwan, thanks to him. I was told to be the MC for the night. Something which never did before but I will try to give my best shot. Sunyta drafted the text and I edited it to suit the programme.

The night before teh even when everything was set; we started to review the event step by step to ensure that everything is in order. Then Dwan came up with and idea about a door gift. So we said why don't we give a bunga rampai and bunga telur? And we agreed. Since we only have less than 24 hours left, we straight away went to the shop to buy pandan leaves, eggs, ribbon and some colourful fabrics. That very night we prepared the bunga rampai, boiled the eggs and cut the fabrics.

And when I came in to the shop the next day during day of the event. I found it out amazingly the whole setting was perfect; with the table setting, the food and projection screen etc.

The guests started to arrive at 6.45pm and most of the invited distinguished guests were also present. Thanks to our Ambassador Dato Muhammad Shahrul Ikram Yaacob for the support he had given us. The fashion show the models were great as if they were professional.

We received lots of compliments by the distiguished guests and other guests. Insyallah, we will work another project or perhaps a Malay weddings. Honestly, we are honoured to be part of it to promote Malaysia the food, the fashion here in Doha so that more and more people will know about us a multi racial and cultural country.

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Anonymous said...

To those organising the event, it was wonderful. To Ms. Sunyta, congratualtion for having the true spirit of a busniess person. Semoha maju jaya in future undertakings!

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